Quality at Surge begins with management commitment & end up with transformation of Customer’s voice into reality of quality built in product (s). The quality at Surge comprises of three pillars Quality Management, Quality Assurance & Quality Control which have interrelated operations for customer satisfaction & fascination.

We believe Quality First Time & Every Time to meet & exceed customer expectations. Quality at Surge is essence of Product(s), an ultimate way of managing the functions of Surge. Quality is communicated to everybody to make it life style rather than regulations


Quality Management provides a solid foundation for systematic actions necessary to ensure adequate confidence that a product (or service) will satisfy given requirements for “Quality”. The totality of these actions serves to generate confidence in our Quality System at Surge.

QA, GMP, and QC are interrelated aspects of Quality Management at Surge.


Quality Assurance at Surge means the totality of arrangements for quality drugs which includes cGMP Compliance Monitoring at Production, Quality Control, Utilities, Material Management, Administration, and regulatory Compliance which has direct & indirect impact on product Quality, Safety, Purity, and Efficacy.

Quality Assurance at Surge is independent & committed to ensuring that the entire operations of its manufacturing facility meet the required cGMP standards and that products manufactured therein conform to the internationally accepted standards throughout its shelf life.

Execution of Validation Master Plan through Annual Validation Plan & we at Surge Labs are successively complying with the validation requirement.,

Utilities/System Qualification (HVAC, Water, Compressed Air, Pure Steam)
Equipment Qualification
Analytical Method Validation
Process Validation
Aseptic Process Validation
Cleaning Validation
Computer System Validation

Supplier Qualification with coordination of Supply Chain Management is based on quality raw materials & packaging components. QA has an emphasis on the Analysis of Data through Annual Product Review (APR), Quality Risk Management (QRM), Handling and investigation of Compliance, Deviation and change Control, Self Inspection/Technical Audit & cGMP Training Plans for workers and Executive Staff.