Microencapsulation of APIs & Excipients

Microencapsulation is the process by which small particles or droplets are surrounded by a coating to produce capsules for the purpose of shielding the API or excipient from the surrounding environment in the micrometer to millimeter range.

At Surge Laboratories, we strategically collaborated with technology providers from western Europe and introduced the first ever microencapsulation technology in the country through which we started manufacturing various specialized/value added API’s. The most advanced and latest technology installed at Surge includes lab, pilot, commercial and bulk scale cGMP compliant microencapsulation equipment from Germany through which series of following coating operations can be performed with high precision and quality:

    • Highly Effective & Stable Taste Masking of Bitter Molecules,
    • Formulation of API’s into High Quality Enteric Coated Pellets
    • Coating of API’s for Controlled & Targeted Drug Release/ Delivery
    • Moisture Protective Coating for Moisture Sensitive Materials
    • Coating of Granules which can be used for the Orally Dispersible Tablets